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Assisting Priest

Sr. Maria Yen Bui
Pastoral Associate


 Itria Frijo
Parish Secretary


Elizabeth Jernejcic
Parish Accounts  Mgr.



Parish Pastoral Council
Tanya Jackson(Chair)
Parish office:  9457 4275

Communion to the Sick
Marie Lloyd
Tel. (03) 9459 6508

Legion of Mary
Philomena Lewis
Tel. 9440 6712

Bec Leone
Parish office: 9457 4275

St Vincent de Paul 
Marian Power (President)
Tel. 9895 5800.


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WHAT IS THE YCS-The Young Christian Students Movement (YCS)

The groups which make up the YCS are so many little cells

of the Church in the very heart of the student body"

Pope Paul VI


The Young Christian Students Movement (YCS) is an international movement that is run for secondary school students, by the students themselves. The Movement aims to empower students to take action in their own lives, in order to change the world around them in the light of their faith and beliefs.


The YCS Creed outlines the core values of the movement, and what we as students believe in as our mission. It articulates our faith in a way that can be as the basis of a prayer at the beginning or the end of meetings.

As Young Christian Students we believe in God. We believe that God created the universe and that we, as part of God's creation, are invited to help complete God'€™s plan.

We believe that the earth has been entrusted to us, to care for, to nurture and to respect. People, as God'€™s creation, have a dignity and worth beyond measure, and deserve to be treated with respect and understanding.

We believe the Holy Spirit empowers us to live active lives following the example of Jesus Christ. We do this through communicating our thoughts, opinions and emotions and accepting and loving each other unconditionally.

We believe that our schools should promote these values through encouraging students to form and question their own opinions and beliefs, and treating each student as a worthwhile individual who has unique needs and talents. Our schools should educate for life.

And we believe that Jesus calls us to live through actions, not just words. Amen.


As mentioned, the Review of Life is in three parts. The following questions help the group reviewing to make sure that they are covering all aspects of the topic in line with each part. These questions are not restrictive however, and elaborations of these, as well as other questions within the group are definitely encouraged.


The SEE Section is about finding out exactly what is happening in a situation that the students want to talk about.

1. What exactly happened? What was your action in response? (the facts)- 

2. What caused this to happen and why? (the causes)

3.How were people affected? (the consequences)


The JUDGE Section is about applying our faith and beliefs to the situation and developing an idea about what we are called to do

4. What does your faith say about this situation? What would Jesus do here?

5.What do you think about this? How were people affected? (the consequences)

6. What should be happening? (the ideal situation)


The ACT Section is about deciding what we can do to change the situation in the way that our faith and beliefs are calling us to. Remember, it is not a true Review of Life unless the actions are carried out!

7. What exactly do you want to change? (Long term aim) What should be happening? (the ideal situation)

8. What action could you take this week that would be a worthwhile step towards achieving this change? (Short term action)

9. Who else could you involve in you action?

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