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Parish Team

Fr Michael O’Connell
Parish Priest

Sr. Maria Bui
Pastoral Associate


Parish Secretary


Elizabeth Jernejcic
Parish Accounts  Mgr.




Parish Pastoral Council

Marianne Love (Chair)

Parish office:  9401 6338

Communion to the Sick
Marianne Love
Tel. (03) 9401 6338

Legion of Mary
Philomena Lewis
Tel. 0403910446

St Vincent de Paul 
Frances Essling (President)
Tel. 9895 5800


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A faith community where Christian service thrives and shared ministry is developed.


St Martin of Tours strives to be a community that is inclusive and welcoming, where its members are valued and respected. The Eucharist is at the heart of our community from which grows our faith and evangelization.


Our Parish is a welcoming community which seeks to engage and support each other as well as newcomers. All groups in the parish, through their ministry, enrich Parish life and share in the Church's mission to bring Christ to the world. Our challenge is to remain strong as a faith community and pronounce the "Good News" as Christ gave us and to become disciples of His for our times.

St Martin of Tours, after whom our Parish is named, provides a great example for us to follow. Martin was the example of a good shepherd, founding new monasteries, instructing and counseling the clergy and preaching the gospel to the neglected. His pastoral work was carried out simply and he was able to reach out to the whole community. His virtues of humility and compassion are foundational to the interactions we have with each other and as part of a larger community. Through the inspiration of St Martin of Tours we aim to become authentic followers of Jesus Christ and find, in Martin, our model for service to others and love of God.

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