Home Safeguarding

Parish Team

Fr Michael O’Connell
Parish Priest

Sr. Maria Bui
Pastoral Associate


Parish Secretary


Elizabeth Jernejcic
Parish Accounts  Mgr.




Parish Pastoral Council

Marianne Love (Chair)

Parish office:  9401 6338

Communion to the Sick
Marianne Love
Tel. (03) 9401 6338

Legion of Mary
Philomena Lewis
Tel. 0403910446

St Vincent de Paul 
Frances Essling (President)
Tel. 9895 5800


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Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility. In our parish of St Martin of Tours, we consider the safety and wellbeing of all persons to be our highest priority.

We acknowledge also that children, young people and adults at risk may require additional safeguards to promote their participation, wellbeing and safety.

Central to the mission of St Martin of Tours parish is an unequivocal commitment to fostering a culture of safety. This commitment is supported by policies, practices and procedures that strive to prevent abuse in the first instance and to respond appropriately and effectively if abuse does occur.

We respect the dignity, self-esteem and integrity of children and young people and aim to be an inclusive and welcoming community that provides a caring and supportive environment that enables them to develop and grow spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

Our Safeguarding Policy and associated documents have a specific focus on safeguarding children and young people at St Martin of Tours parish. These policies, practices and procedures guide our efforts to prevent child abuse, empower children and young people, and respond to concerns, disclosures or allegations of child abuse or child-related misconduct in our parish environment, on-site, online and in other locations used by the parish.

Click here to download our Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy.

Listed below are the resources supporting child safety at St Martin of Tours Parish:

Parish Commitment Statement

Code of Conduct Declaration

Reporting Chid Safety Related Misconduct and/or Child Abuse

These documents apply to all parish personnel, including parish employees, volunteers, contractors and clergy.

Our Parish has a Safeguarding Committee which provides advice to, and works with, the Parish Priest to ensure policies, processes and practices are in place to protect children and young people. We work in conjunction with the Professional Standards Unit (PSU) of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne. The Committee can be contacted by phone (03) 9401 6338 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Links to the following Websites may be of assistance:

To apply for a Working with Children Check:

To renew your Working with Children Check:

To add the parish to your current Working with Children Check:

For teachers, to add the parish to your VIT registration:

Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne Safeguarding Resources

For instructions to apply for a National Police Check